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Every Journey begins with a dream, some dreams are small, uther monumental, others still, truly awe inspiring. it is with a great sense of satisfaction, and a corresponding sense of yearning that i write to all the patrons and stake holders of the Oster group of companies.

Oster began humbly in 1970 from Ludhiana under the leadership of S. Jagmohan Singh who set high targets for himself and those around him. The vision to provide all our customers with unmatched quality and affordability led to the massive growth of the company from a small scale unit to 5 state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in just fourdecades. The name Oster Group of Companies is today synonymous with unmatched comfort, design, affordability and quality in its entire product range.

The growth pattern has seen us steadily improve our manufacturing systems and processes - improving technical inputs, maximizing worker efficiency, integrating different elements of the value chains and reducing operating costs. As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, the quantitative and qualitative changes in our operations are self - evident. Oster is proud to list cutting edge spinning, weaving, Knitting, printing, dyeing, embroidery, stitching and linking facilities among our multifarious in-house expertise.

At Oster, we believe in Team work, and as Managing Director, I have been fortunate and honoured worked with an exceptionally talented, professional, highly trained, innovative and hard working team that is determind to keep moving on the path towards providing our stakeholders with greater value and a better product than any of our competitors in the market. Training, motivating and developing human resources has been at the forefront of Oster's evolution. It is because of this investment that we have grown from strength to strength and been able to win the implicit trust of all our customers; because for us every piece and every customer is supremely important.

In just 40 years, we have a strong market presence and influence in all 28 state of india and 25 countries in 4 different continents globally. As we continue on this trailblazing journery, every member of the Oster Team reaffirms the vision that serves as the company's foundation- top of the line quality and affordability produce in full compliance manufacturing facilities backed by professional and efficient customer service, because Oster in 'the way of smart living'.
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